John Lee, LL.M


Attorney John Lee is a licensed legal practitioner in New York, New South Wales of Australia, and New Zealand, and specializes in the immigration laws of these 3 locations 

Attorney Lee prepared, reviewed, amended and negotiated various businesss and finance contracts including: Asset Purchase Agreement, Share Subscription Agreement, Loan Facility Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, Security Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Patent Assignment Agreement, Software License Agreement. He also advised clients on the laws of the following areas of business and finance: Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Governance, Sale and Purchase, Intelectual Property, and Natural Resources. 

He also provides services in U.S. immigration law. 

He is also an in-house lawyer of the Korean Military Martial Arts Association and a director of the Korea Association for Kickboxing Organizations, and provides EB-1 services to many sports professionals in Korea. 


LL.B./BA, University of Auckland, New Zealand 
LL.M., Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center 


Attorney at Law of New York 
Legal Practitioners of New South Wales, Australia 
Solicitor/Barrister of New Zealand 

Affiliations and Activities: 

Member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association 
Representing Attorney of the Korean Military Martial Arts Association 
Director of Korea Association for Kickboxing Organizations 


Fluent in English, Korean and French (both written and spoken)

Licensed in the New York State. 
Licensed in the New South Wales of Australia. 
Licensed in the New Zealand. 

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